The KOMO News Network has a chance for your PTA/PTSA organization to win $1,000!

How to enter

Simply put one of these ads in your monthly newsletter that you send out to parents of your school. Once you do that, fill out the contest form and let us know about it. You will be in a drawing to win $1,000 for the month you use our ad (see official rules)!

It is as easy as that! Good luck!

Using the ad

Download and use our ads in your school's PTA/PTSA newsletter. We have provided the half page ad below as a .jpg and .pdf file for your newsletter layout. You might wonder which file do I need to use? If you are using a desktop publishing application like Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress, or Mircrosoft Publisher then download the .PDF ad. If you are using Microsoft Word, then please use the .JPG ad.

File name Weight Month
991 KB December 2013
287 KB December 2013
PtsaNewsLetterAdNov2013_8-5x5-5_OTD.pdf 1.2 MB November 2013
PtsaNewsLetterAdNov2013_8-5x5-5_OTD.jpg 291 KB November 2013
PtsaNewsLetterAdOct2013_8-5x5-5_OTD.pdf 1.3 MB October 2013
PtsaNewsLetterAdOct2013_8-5x5-5_OTD.jpg 307 KB October 2013
Enter Contest
PTA/PTSA Winners Month
Mattson Middle School PTSA in Covington
Mount Si High School PTA in Snoqualmie
Horizon Elementary PTA in Kent
October 2013
Hazelwood Elementary PTA- Auburn
Cedar Heights Middle School PTSA- Covington
Lakeland Hills Elementary PTA- Auburn
November 2013

© 2013 Sinclair Radio of Seattle. Download the offical contest rules as a .PDF file.